Saturday, January 7, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Today I'm posting from my iPad, which was the most awesome Christmas present I've ever recieved, but I'm finding myself hindered in many ways, especially when it comes to blogging, that weren't a problem when I had a computer. Said computer died on me on the 18th of December. It was a sad day indeed. We'd been through a lot together. For a PC it lived a rather long time (7 years). Luckily I had nearly everything on that computer backed up. It would've been a catastrophe had that not been the case. But, like I said, I'm feeling hindered without it.

Don't get me wrong, I love this iPad! I watch my instant Netflix, which I couldn't do on my computer because it was so slow, and I can still work on my writing with Pages, which is infinitely better than Word, and my brother got me this awesome case that includes a bluetooth keyboard and props my iPad up so it really feels like I'm using a laptop. But I can't even show you a picture of what it looks like because on blogger I can't post pictures from my iPad. This is a serious issue for me because I'm so unfamiliar with how to post pictures via a URL. I suppose I should get a Flickr account. I think that would work, anyway. Any ideas?

Anyway, this is the reason why this post is void of any photos, which I think is what gives my blog it's life. My words offer substance, but I've never fealt I really have a thing for this posting in the moment thing that so many bloggers seem to have a gift for (although, I'm sure there are times many of you plan out your posts ahead of time, I'm still hopeless at this). I seem to have more of a gift for writing fiction. Obviously. I suppose I feel my own life is rather boring and adding photos is my way of making it more a way.

So I'm sitting here getting ready to watch the Saints play the Lions in the wild card playoffs, wishing I could add photos of the many books I've read recently that I'd like to tell you about. The first are the Hunger Games trilogy, but I'm sure you all know what the covers to these books look like, but if not I'm going to utilize my ability to use links. These books are amazing. I've read each in about 2 or 3 days. I just finished Catching Fire two days ago and I'm about to finish Mockingjay today. I'm crazy excited to read the ending, but I'm really nervous at the same time because the story covering all three books has proven to be so tragic. I've laughed, I've cried, I've gotten angry, frustrated, creeped out, and nervous as hell! It's been quite a ride and it makes me even more excited for the movie coming out in March!

I also read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo last month and I can't wait to see the movie, it was that awesome! I really had a hard time putting it down. I was completely shocked to find out what happened to Harriet and I couldn't help but be fascinated with Lisbeth. I'm not crazy about the ending, but it was an amazingly written story overall.

I'm also still working on my dragon novel and I hope to be done with that soon. I can't believe how long I've been working on it, but it is pretty complex. I can't wait for the day when I'll be able to tell you it's getting published! I'm optomistic that will happen this year. Put out some good energy for me!

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