Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring cleansing

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Whenever April comes around, it really begins to feel like spring. Or is that just me? Everyone's been talking about spring cleaning and really kicking their New Year's resolutions into gear. I'm doing a 10 day cleanse starting today, hoping to feel a little better on the inside. It's always good to clean things out after a while.

My mom and I moved recently and we're still getting our apartment in order. I wish it was a house, but we can't have everything, now can we? The walls were just painted a fresh, warm cream color (as opposed to the blah neutral-green color it was. I like to refer to it as phlegm green, it was that gross. Seriously, what are people thinking when they paint rentals?!), and we're starting to put up art and pictures. We always make the places we live feel like home even if we only stay a few years or less. (Really, I've moved about 21 times now in my short 28 years.)

What are you doing to cleanse for spring?

P.S. I'm missing the beach already- I moved to Moorpark.

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Josephine said...

I'm glad you got to repaint at least! Sorry you're farther from the ocean. I wish I could say I'm cleansing for spring, but instead, I'm reading things on the internet! I might be inspired to eat a vegetable for lunch though. . .

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