Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 11: Sell yourself in 10 words

I'm not even sure what to do with this one.

Oddly enough, that line is ten words. That isn't, of course, how I would sell myself, but it is how I feel about a lot of things on a daily basis. I meet someone with a personality or energy that's too much for me and that's what I'm thinking in my head, "Please go away, I don't even know how to respond to you. You're making me nervous."

I suppose the point is that I keep that to myself. I try to do my best in every situation, handle it the best I can, and that's all anyone can ask, right?

Can't pinpoint the exact reason, but I really like this picture of me.

I think I can sum myself up better in a list of words, rather than a sentence (though I'm not sure that's even what Jenni intended with this one):

1. Adaptable (if I only had one word, this would probably be it)
2. Loyal
3. Meticulous
4. Passionate
5. Creative
6. Ambitious
7. Kind
8. Perceptive
9. Independent
10. Amiable

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