Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 19: My 5 Favorite Blogs

I don't follow very many blogs. I find that having just a choice few almost guarantees that I'll be able to keep up. So really, these five blogs are the ones I read the most and have become my favorites.

Joanna, Toby, and Alex

A Cup of Jo I've been following the longest, before I had even started my own blog. Joanna has a way of relating to everyone and has contributed largely to making blogging so popular. I love her style of balancing both personal and general content, and keeping everything so simple and concise. Not to mention, her consistency is something all of us bloggers strive to live up to in our own blogs.

Brandi I've already professed my love for, but Not Your Average Ordinary belongs on my list of favorite blogs as well. She's the only one I've met in person after following her blog for some time.

Meg Fee has recently moved her blog The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell from blogger to her own site (it still has the same title). Same amazing writing on her life and issues with health. I've been following Meg's blog since I started following A Cup of Jo. I would say Meg is the reason I've had the courage to share with my readers about my own addiction and issues with food. Not to mention, the amazing idea to start writing letters to my future husband.

Bree I also posted about when I told you about my blogger friends. I love checking up on the latest things she's found around the internet on her blog, Lux & Lace.

The many authors and curators of the Query Tracker Blog are amazing, and I love being able to keep up with the latest in the publishing world. They also post extremely helpful posts about writing and advice for publishing.


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