Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24: Top 3 Worst Traits

I wouldn't call this one easy, but it is simple. Here, in my opinion, are my three worst traits:

3. Self-indulgent. So many other bad traits and habits stem from this one: laziness, lack of motivation, impulsiveness, my tendency to become easily distracted, etc. And, of course, you've already read about my addiction to sugar.

2. Selfish. I use the excuse that I'm a Leo all the time for this one, but I really do believe it's part of my personality. I'm extremely independent and I like things a certain way. I like that my life is about me, which is why I'll probably never want kids. I will say that, though it is one of my worst traits, I try to never let it hurt anyone. I'd like to think I'm not that brand of selfish.

1. Critical. I am super critical. Of everything. There are times when I'm really a bit petulant. Most people don't know this about me because I rarely ever say any of the things I'm really thinking out loud. This is the reason I have any friends. I'm a meticulous person. It's a blessing and a curse (when it comes to design, writing, and art, it's a gift; in relationships, especially with anyone who lives with me, not so much). Because the person who gets the worst of it is me.

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Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

Interesting. I wonder how many of us are much more critical than we let on?? Hadn't thought about that before...

Thanks for helping with my paranoia issues there, Amanda. ;)

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