Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 5: Blogger friends

I have two real life blogger friends (meaning, I know them in person) and I thought I'd profess my love to both of them since it never seems fair to have to choose.

The first is Brandi Bernoskie from Not Your Average Ordinary, who actually has two blogs, the second of which (Making Modern Myths) can be found on her new website, Brandi Bernoskie, which she designed (coding and all). She recently shared with her readers that she gave notice at her day job in order to pursue her own enterprise designing websites and her dream of being an entrepreneur. This alone is inspiring, but I feel like she's inspiring on a daily basis. She is an amazing writer. She literally spins magic with her words, and I'd like to share a few of my favorite posts of hers with you: here, here, and here.

I've only met Brandi in person twice. She is one of those people that immediately takes you in and makes you feel like you have always been the closest of friends. And it's genuine. I think that's one of my favorites things about her. That and her integrity, not just with others, but with herself. She is truly an amazing woman and I wish her happiness and success in her new endeavors! I know she is going to do big things.

My second blogger friend is Bree Kipfel from Lux & Lace. She is also one of my co-workers at Pacific Office Interiors where we design office spaces. She is constantly coming up with the coolest, most creative ideas for her blog, and for our blog at work. I'm constantly stealing blog ideas from her (like this blog challenge). It just seems like being digitally creative comes natural to her, effortless. I watched her design a birthday invitation on photoshop for my mom with a kind of awe. She also does really fun DIY projects at home like this, and this. Her chalkboard art is my favorite.

She's currently studying to take the IDEX exam at the end of this month to become a certified designer. It's definietely something extra that she doesn't have to do, but it's that kind of dedication in people that I find truly inspiring.

And she is the life of the office. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. My experience at work would not be the same without her. A statement made so poignant at the moment given the fact that she will be gone for the next two weeks on a well-earned vacation on the east coast. I'm sure she's having a fantastic time and I can't to hear all about it when she returns!

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Bree Klipfel said...

Thanks Amanda!!!this made my day! Can't wait to catch up on this challenge!!!

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