Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dream House: Master Bath

You'll probably notice from the following photos that I'm obsessed with freestanding bathtubs. Another obsession of mine, when it comes to bathrooms, is my dream of having direct access from the shower to a porch, preferably to a backyard that connects to the beach. Yes, I think I'm more specific about my dream bathroom than I am about my dream bedroom, but, hey, you only sleep in the bedroom. Bathrooms are so much more important.

 photo waldos-designs-los-angeles-california.jpg
 photo chad-eisner-in-ELLE-DECOR-5.jpg
CW Eisner (and more here)
 photo MH-JillVanTosh.jpg
 photo 1100architect-palm-beach-florida.jpg
 photo ED-KaraMann.jpg
 photo ED-RayBooth.jpg
 photo Kim-hersov-home-hubert-zandberg-3ED.jpg
 photo malcolm-james-kutner-inc-key-west-fl-.jpg
 photo david-flint-wood-new-york-new-york.jpg

That's all I'm leaving you with today. I hope you're having a wonderful week!

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