Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dream House: Ceilings

The more I move into the architectural details of design (walls, floor, ceiling, etc.), the more I realize when looking at a photo of a room these details can go unnoticed, or fade into the background. I've been looking through so many photos over the last year for these posts that the idea of having to pick out photos purely for wall and ceiling details is daunting. I think I might have gone about this backwards. And it would make sense to decide on wall and floor and ceiling details first because that is what is built or finished first.

When it comes down to it I think I prefer dark wood flooring and high ceilings with a good amount of molding details all uniform in color with the walls (usually white). Pairing this with my taste in mixing contemporary furniture with antiques and it seems my style is decidedly French (and that first photo is a good example). I didn't do this on purpose, but there it is. The French do have great taste.

 photo AD-thad-hayes-inc-boston-massachusetts.jpg
 photo office-library-geoffrey-bradfield-columbus-ohio-200605_1000-watermarked.jpg
Geoffrey Bradfield

 photo Wadia Associates4.jpg
Wadia Associates

 photo ED-jerry-maggi-mehal-griffey-edc-1212.jpg
 photo AD-shostak-co-inc-claverack-new-york.jpg
 photo AD-carolegan-interiors-water-mill-new-york.jpg
 photo AD-rockwell-group-new-york.jpg

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