Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dream House: Walls

Last month I posted inspiration for ceilings and I think the two should merge together (the first picture below is a really good example), but there are some really awesome ideas I found just for walls.

 photo AD- Hein  Cozzi- Manhattan.jpg
Hein + Cozzi

 photo bev hills5.jpg

 photo hollywood2.jpg
CW Eisner
(Custom Gracie wallpaper)

 photo hollywood3.jpg
CW Eisner
(Custom geometric design, by me, of two tones of faux leather fabric)

 photo hollywood8.jpg
CW Eisner
(Glass mosaic tiles, mirror, and faux finish paint)

 photo Walls-ED-John Derian.jpg
John Derian
(Such a cool idea, but unless you found a wallpaper, I don't even want to think about how much time this would take, or where the pages would come from!)

 photo kara paslay designs9.jpg
Kara Paslay

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