Tuesday, July 28, 2015

31 Things I've Learned

Today being the day I celebrate having spent 31 years on this planet, I thought I'd share some things I've learned in that time. Some of these little nuggets of wisdom are my opinion and may not apply to you, but most, I think, are worth sharing.

1. Your friends are the family you choose.
2. Relieving stress is all about the exhale.
3. People don't change. You can only evolve.
4. Not everyone will like you (and, God only knows, you won't like everyone you meet), and that's okay.
5. Generosity is the key to loving relationships (and I mean all of them, not just your other half).
6. Honesty really is the best policy. (Not always the best solution, though.)
7. You don't have to be besties with your co-workers. In fact, don't even go there.
8. For me personally, yoga is the best workout I've found so far.
9. We already have everything we need within us, we just have to remember.
10. Asking the universe for what you want really does work. It's like magic.
11. Vegas totally is as awesome as everyone says it is.
12. I love Disney more and more the older I get.
13. Inspiration is EVERWHERE!
14. Putting your feelings on paper is like therapy.
15. There is nothing more theraputic for a woman than time spent with her girlfriends.
16. Massages are essential.
17. Book stores are my church, stories my religion, and music my soul.
18. Sleep is the key to good health.
19. Most things you hated as a kid: baths, naps, early bedtimes, you love more the older you get.
20. You will never, ever find the same kind of meaningful relationship as the one you have with your sibling(s).
21. Our dreams and beliefs are like the stepping stones that get us through life. Don't ever sacrifice them for someone else.
22. Worry is poison.
23. Fear is essential. You can't have courage without fear.
24. There is nothing wrong with crying. Crying is to your soul what sweat is to your body.
25. Everyone has a dark side. There can't be light without the dark.
26. Find the things in life you are passionate about. Without passion your soul withers like a flower.
27. Life is not about being right. It's about what you can give to others.
28. When it comes to opinions, no one is ever right or wrong. They are simply different opinions.
29. If you didn't grow up with traditions, then start your own. They make life more memorable, and give you something to look forward to.
30. Words are so powerful they really can hurt.
31. The grass is never, ever greener. Don't waste your time comparing yourself or your life to someone else.

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