Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dream House: Outdoor Spaces

 photo pinterest.jpg

I'm not sure I need any further inspiration than this photo for any outdoor space I'll have. I've always been in love with the idea of a pool (and, obviously, there could still be a pool in this backyard just out of sight), and I'm sure I'd use a pool, but I think I'd rather have a smaller yard like this in close proximity to a beach.

But who knows, maybe I'll end up in a city like New York where a backyard like this would most likely be a balcony, which would still be absolutely perfect.

In the spirit of inspiration for the unknown, here are a few more ideas for outdoor spaces that make me want to grab a book and curl up on a cushy chair in the sun.

 photo AD-de-la-torre-design-studio.jpg
 photo AD-terry-hunziker-inc-los-cabos-mexico.jpg
 photo Wadia Associates11.jpg
 photo AD-mac-ii-istanbul.jpg

I used this last one in my post for pools a year ago and it's one of my favorites from that post. I can imagine coming around the corner of the house and finding a secluded little oasis like the first picture.

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