Friday, January 22, 2016

Goals for a New Year

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I'm making this my motto for the year. It applies to so many aspects of my life right now it's scary and exciting at the same time. Things will change this year, big changes, drastic changes and I think I like that. Already things are changing in certain areas of my life that I did not ask for and I'm not happy with. I will be the first to admit I don't do well with change, at least not immediately. It takes time for me, but over time, as I've been told before, I am very adaptable. I'm trying my hardest to see the silver linings here, but I think I might have to make some extremely hard decisions this year.

All that being said, making the hard decisions for myself means I'm being honest, and it means I'm the one creating the life I want, and not one that is dictated by people that are under the misconception that they can use me for their own means or gain.

I started out this year on a good note, making my goals I'm about to share on January 1st and feeling like this was going to be a good year, and now I'm tired and I'm angry. But I have been learning that anger is a powerful emotion that should never ever be ignored or stifled. It means there is something vital to our soul's happiness that is not being expressed, though learning how to express anger in a way that is powerful and productive is an art. Learning to channel anger into creativity and drive to get the things you want most in life is a challenge I'd like to take on.

For now I'm going to continue a tradition I started back in 2013 of sharing memories from the previous year, and goals for the new year.

15 Memories of 2015:

1 Re-wrote my entire novel
2 Finished Calling in the One
3 Reconnected with someone I hadn't seen in 8 years on Facebook, and now we're dating.
4 Went to Aftershock Music Festival in October
5 Consistently kept up yoga and found a wonderful friend in my yoga instructor.
6 Started archery in August
7 Got my first bow
8 Celebrated 3 years at POI
9 Went to Universal Halloween Horror Nights
10 Tried dating on both Match and Eharmony (neither went very well)
11 Sent Norman Reedus a fan letter :)
12 A friend from high school passed away
13 Spent Thanksgiving with the new boyfriend and his family
14 My mom got herself a new car after being car-less for most of the year
15 Had someone to kiss at midnight on New Years eve

16 Goals for 2016:
1 Finish my novel (I feel like I've said this every year since 2012, but I'd really like to finish it this year. It's so close to being done it's frustrating.)
2 Find an agent for my novel
3 Move into my own place
4 Start the sequel to my novel
5 Keep up my dream house posts monthly: boards by room
6 Share excerpts from my novel on this blog
7 Pay off more debt
8 Get enough of a raise to move out on my own
9 Be consistent with my French lessons
10 Buy new pieces of furniture for my new place
11 Complete my gallery wall in my hallway
12 Buy my own Enagic water machine
13 Do a handstand in yoga
14 Visit the beach more often
15 Ask for what I want (I need to get more comfortable with this)
16 Follow my passion planner

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