Friday, September 18, 2009

Where I work

Every day I go to work. As I said before, I work in Santa Monica for a small residential Interior Design firm, CW Eisner (we were featured on Desire to Inspire a while back. Check out the post here).

Seeing as I'm here the majority of my life (or sometimes it just feels that way I suppose) it's rather important that it's a nice environment to be in. It's a very small office, as you can see from the photos below, and there are only three of us: my boss, my coworker and myself. It can be rather lonely on days like today when I'm all by myself, but I thought I'd take the time to snap some shots of what my daily life looks like.

This is the entry to our office. Everything for my boss's business is branded: envelopes, bags, gift boxes; I'm actually surprised our pens and pencils aren't branded with our company logo (we have done that for clients for their homes). It's a very nice touch and my boss spares no expense for those kinds of things. He's very meticulous.
This bookcase is right in front of my desk. The baskets have fabric swatches that we use for projects and the white binders are client files. Our office is so well organized it practically runs itself! I've learned so much about organizing from my boss.

This is my desk and my coworker's desk, to the left of mine, looks exactly the same. We have just typical metal office desks but my boss got the idea to cover them in custom slip covers and then finish them off with glass tops. He always has ideas like this that I never would have thought of. The only thing I get bothered by is that there's no room for personalization. My boss likes everything just so, which means our desks must look a certain way. But it's a small office so any clutter just gets too chaotic.

This is my boss's office. Again, everything is very well organized. He has a pretty awesome inspiration board behind his desk.
Well, that's about it for now. Next I have to get around to painting my apartment and I'll be sure to have before and afters of that project! I hope you've enjoyed my office tour!


Leslie Bennett said...

Way cool, Amanda!

2 By Design said...

OMG I love your office! If only my boss had as much style as yours. Sigh. :)

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