Monday, October 26, 2009


So I missed my 7th day of Halloween yesterday so I think I'll just post twice today. Over the weekend I started making this little Halloween paper model from Canon's Halloween printables site, which I found via Jessica over at How About Orange. I printed out the set from the Canon website and put together the skeleton on Friday and the cat yesterday, which I'll have pictures of later.

My little skeleton is now being displayed in my apartment with the other few Halloween decorations I own :)
Oh, and just a little side story: that little mini pumpkin (the real one, not the candle lol) was waiting for me along with chocolate on my doorstep when I came home Saturday afternoon. Just about the sweetest thing that's ever been left on my doorstep from a guy :) And I don't even think this guy even knows that I would usually go and buy those little mini pumpkins myself on Halloween because I adore them so much. That definetely made my week! (well, and the chocolate did too, of course lol!)

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OceanDreams said...

That was really sweet of the guy, very creative too!

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