Monday, March 15, 2010


March 8 Marilyn on my bedroom wall
March 9 House across the street (it was really windy that day)
March 10 Brownie mix
March 11 Love the light posts in the front corners of this house
March 11
March 13 Strawberries!
March 14 After my post about freestanding bathtubs, I found this especially cool
March 14 Really cool stone shower walls at an open house we went to

This was the first pretty great week I've had in a long time. I've started on my story again, I'm getting used to living with my mom and not having a job and I finally got unemployment figured out. I have to say, once the shock of losing a job is gone, the lack of job-related stress is the greatest thing ever. I'm not sure I've ever been so stress free in my life (with the exception of when I was little, of course).

And I have a story for the 3rd picture, March 10th. That was a Wednesday and my mom and I sat at the unemployment office for an hour and a half at 9a and got all that figured out. Normally, sitting in such a place for an hour and a half would have been torture, but I wasn't bothered at all. My mom and I then proceeded to Borders and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get some applications for me (I'll just be filling out applications for the next few months to keep unemployment off my back until I've figured out what I really want to do and I'm actually ready for a new job). We end up lounging around Borders for about an hour and then come home and rent Where the Wild Things Are, which neither of us had seen yet (ridiculous, I know!). We're in the middle of the movie (which is about at 8p) and we decide we want to make some brownies. We discover that my mom doesn't have a pan to bake the brownies in so I say we should just go down the street and get one at the grocery store. We go out to the car (in our pajamas) to find my mom's garage door blocked by someone else's car and spend a good 20 minutes knocking on doors in our apartment complex trying to find the owner of said car only to find that the owner was in the garage right next to ours the whole time. We go to the grocery store (in our pajamas to find that nearly everyone in the store is in the same attire, all of us looking like zombies. I swear, it was hilarious! Every isle we passed there was someone standing in their pajamas staring blankly at the contents on the shelves. It was like an epidemic.), purchase said brownie pan, sing and rhyme on the way back to the car as though we are drunk (and I haven't had a drink since February. I'm trying to make it the whole month), make it back to our apartment to make brownies where I accidentally reverse the directed amounts of water and vegetable oil so the whole thing ends up being a little too runny (which I've never done before and I've made brownies a million times, especially in the last year. Ask my old neighbors) so that as we're licking the spoon the mix gets everywhere including my mom's shirt and the kitchen cabinets....Wow, that was a mouthfull lol. On the whole, a very good day. I think my mom and I were a little delirious in the end due to getting up extra early to go to the unemployment office, which made for above entertainment.

And I really liked Where the Wild Things Are, by the way.


Zenny27 said...

ahhh you actually went to the unemployment office! Girl u shoul dhave told me I have the website that you could have filed online and it takes like 20mins. Cause I did it last year. :( Oh well at least you had brownies! lol :)

Amanda said...

No! I filed online feb 2nd and it's taken them this long to get anything going and I had such a hard time getting anyone on the phone and then when I did no one had any answers so we went to the office and now I should be getting checks soon. Pain in my ass! lol

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