Saturday, April 10, 2010

If only everything from Ikea were as perfect as their prices....

I've needed a new desk chair for ages, so I looked at some from Ikea and my mom and I drove to the Burbank Ikea on Wednesday to get one. It takes an hour to get there from Oxnard so we were prepared to eat when we got there. We ate at the California Pizza Kitchen right across from Ikea. I've been having alot more cheese lately (my refraining from eating cheese for the past eight years or so is a whole other story, but basically, my body is allergic to dairy) and so I had their chicken pesto thin crust pizza, which is perfect for me because the thin crust means less cheese, and a coors light. Best lunch ever. Mom had a margarita so we were feeling very happy on entering Ikea lol.

We went up to the showroom and I sat in at least 10 different chairs, but finally decided on this one (but in black, which they don't have online for some reason):

Very comfortable chair, although it was close between that one and the Karsten chair, which has a mesh back and is really light and airy. 

Anyway, I decided on the Allak chair above and then we also got some of their candles: this one smells like cinnamon and apple pie :)

And since it was such a warm day we both got vanilla frozen yogurt cones on the way out.

We got a little lost on the way out and got stuck in all the 6p rush hour traffic, but it didn't seem to bother either of us too much considering we'd had such a fun day. It was a very nice change for me. I've been locked in my room a lot writing, which is coming along very well. I've almost re-written all of what I've already written (which is another story as well: I decided I wanted to change my story from first person present tense to third person past tense for some reason) of my main story, which I think is going to be a 3-part novel (a trilogy, in other words), and then I started another side story a few weeks ago that is so easy and fun to write because it's based off me and a few of my friends. I think that one may be a short story, but I'm not sure yet (more on that later). I'm trying to force myself to only write my main story at the moment because I've given myself the deadline of May 31 for a first draft. I'm just so determined to finish something! So wish me luck!

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. The whole point of this post was to say that when I got home and put the chair together it was to find that the left arm of the chair (which holds the whole chair together) was bent in a way that prevented me from screwing in two of the screws all the way, not to mention the wheels don't move so we just had to drag it across the floor. Ugh, it was incredibly disappointing and now we have to drive all the way back to exchange it, which they will do thankfully. I called the store to make sure and the representative said they'll even take the new chair out of the packaging to make sure nothing's wrong with it before we leave the store, which does restore my faith in Ikea for the time being. We'll see when I go to get the new one and let you know what happens. Why I had to pick the one defective chair, I don't know!!

Until then, I am using this chair (thankfully, the other arm does it's job well enough to keep the chair from completely falling apart. Although, the defective arm does cause it to make rather obnoxious noises) and it's so much more comfortable than my other chair that I'm quite content at sitting at my desk for hours at a time to write.

This morning I went and got a pedicure, which is really nice because I haven't had one for about a month and my feet were in desperate need!:

My toes are now teal! I happened to see this color from Sally Hansen at Riteaid yesterday and bought it.

Oh! And I almost forgot, my mom decided she wanted to rearrange the living room in our apartment, so I put everything on CAD (it's nice to know I can still put some of my college career to good use) and we've begun to  move the furniture around. It's looking really good so I'll post the before and after pictures when we're done!

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