Monday, May 3, 2010


April 26 I really love this building so I had to take a picture. Now, if only that stupid light pole wasn't in the way!
April 27 I know it's not a good sign, but I got a kick out of these full skeletons of crabs all over the beach. Most of them were much, much smaller, but there were at least 5 or 6 this size that I saw.
April 28 Spending some time on the promenade after I got my hair cut :) I miss it over there.
April 29 My mom brought home roses for me, just because :)
April 30 Mom and I at the Jefferson Starship concert in Santa Barbara
 May 2 Farmer's Market
May 2 Me on the left, mom on the right. We went to the beach saturday as well so I thought it fitting to take this picture.

I came this close *holds up index finger and thumb to show minuscule space between them* to seeing some of my old neighbors on Wednesday. I sent a text to Mark saying I was going to be in town (I go get my hair done in the valley, I figure I might as well go over to SM while I'm over there), but I never heard back. So I went over to the promenade thinking I'd say hi to the bro at the Mac store, but he'd gone home sick so I checked out the iPad anyway (awesome, btw). I had some lunch and then went over to Barnes & Noble, because I always do when I go to the promenade, and bought "One of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies" and "Leviathan" (very excited to read that one!), then headed back home.

I suppose I should have called Mark and I thought seriously of just showing up at their apartment, but the thought of having to see Shannon was rather scary (I'm just not ready for that yet and I'm not sure I will be for a very long time), so I left without seeing anyone. *sigh* I found out later that Mark had a new phone and didn't recognize my number lol. I figured it was something like that. He always responds.

Friday was fun. My mom and I drove to Santa Barbara with free tickets to see Jefferson Starship. We'll be going to see a Beatles cover band at the Canyon on Mother's Day as well. Live music is the greatest!

Saturday and Sunday involved a lot of sun bathing! Finally! I got my back totally sunburned on Saturday, but it's all good. My burns turn to tans quickly, and I do have an aloe plant. Oh, and speaking of my aloe plant, it hasn't been looking well lately and I figured it needed to be repotted cuz the plants are getting pretty big so I went to get a new pot yesterday and I'll be repotting today :)

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