Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love when it's warm enough to sit and write in my bikini...

There may just be hope yet for a warm summer here in Oxnard. It's been so cloudy and windy and cold that I was afraid we'd never see the sun. Low and behold, the sun decided to make an appearance today!! I put on my bathing suit and went outside to write today! :)

I thought the above print of Mae Chevrette's art really captured that feeling of summer as does this one:

Visit Mae Chevrette's blog

And, to further capture the feeling of summer, I'm never more excited than to watch Royal Pains on Thursdays at 10p. It's pretty much the only summer show I watch. This new season has been really good so far, although I don't think it's quite as good as season 1, but we shall see. All I can say is that as long as they continue to give Paulo Costanzo the reins on the comedic part of the show, I'll keep watching. :)


Jay Ferris said...

Its almost July and we've barely had a hint of summer up here in Seattle. It's driving me fucking crazy. It was rainy and in the 50's all weekend. Not to get all misogynistic, but I'm about ready to show Mother Nature the back of my hand.

Amanda said...

Well, apparently that was the only nice warm day because it's been pretty cloudy and cold since that then.

But man, you've got it much worse! 50's in June?! That's just not right. You have my sympathy, my friend.

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