Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Years!

 (Central Park by Matteart on etsy. It really doesn't relate to my post but I just love this guy's art! More on that later!)

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my blog. It seems odd that it was such a short time ago that I created it. And I feel it rather a shame that it never got very far in the world of blogs. Not to say that I haven't met some very wonderful people who still so loyally follow my simple little blog. And it's definitely not to say that I won't continue with it in the years to come.

When I created this blog I had high hopes for it. Indeed, it was a place of creativity and refuge that I so deeply enjoyed. Just when it seemed things were progressing with my blogging, my whole world crumbled around me and everything came to a screeching halt. No doubt my blog has suffered somewhat because of the drastic changes in my life in the past year and a half (well, almost two years now). What with how very little activity there is in my life since I lost my job and the fact that I spend most of my time with my head deeply immersed in a world I have been creating for the past few years (that would be my fantasy novel), I've found I have little to share.

I know that my situation is only temporary, however, and I do hope you will all bear with me. I know I have been slacking in the area of blog commenting, which I will do my best to rectify as often as possible. But I will say ever since I got an iPhone, I've been finding more excuses not to log onto the internet on my computer (the only way I can really post on my blog), because my computer is so slow in comparison it's almost torturous. All this aside, I do hope you will all know I have not disappeared, and I'm sure by my 3rd anniversary, I will have had much more to share with you!

Have a lovely weekend!


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Happy second anniversary! I think blog writing, like all things, has a natural cycle. Things ebb and flow. Sometimes I have lots to share, other times I don't want to write at all. You'll figure it out, I know it.

Ocean Dreams said...

Happy blog anniversary and I totally understand about blog sharing - I'm in a season where my job is to write so it's hard to write constantly on the blog! I hope your novel is going well - keep us posted. ;)

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