Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Remember

Broken Pieces

It is one experience
I feel no one will be able to forget
one that changed so many lives
within one hour
I have never seen
such an act of terrorism
and I hope to never see one again
No matter how many times
I see those huge magnificently
built towers
crashing to the ground
or see the pictures and hear the
of the people missing
all innocent
or hear the horrendous numbers
of those people that died
it all seems like some sort of
more like a nightmare
that we all wish never happened
and that we all want to go away
so that things would all be normal
It is so hard to believe
and impossible to understand
that something so awful
could ever happen in a country like
Now sadness and tears
are the only things common around
It is so sad to think
that the most awful tragedies
are the most unforgettable
like the bad things in life
are the only things that we
But I for one will never
because now whenever I hear
our Star Spangled Banner
I feel that a piece of me
even if it is only very small
was connected somehow
to those that died
and it has crumbled away with
and our song is the only thing
that can help
put all of the broken pieces back together
It is the only thing that can
put New York back together
and all of the broken hearts back
The one thing
that will remind us never to forget
we are in this together

In honor and memory of all the innocent lost on September 11, 2001. I hope one day I can visit the Memorial built on Ground Zero.
This is a poem I wrote a few days after 9/11 as an English assignment during my Junior year of high school.

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Leslie Bennett said...

Wow Amanda, thanks so much for posting your poem. We sang the national anthem today at church and I couldn't hold back the tears. Your poem expresses much of what I felt and thought, as well as much of what I continue to feel, and think, and hope.

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