Thursday, February 9, 2012

Business ventures

Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to how I can make money until I can find a job. I'm finding that I'm not a very good self promoter. Look at my blog, for example. I haven't had any new followers in about two years. And my etsy shop hasn't had much success either.

Regardless, I thought I'd share the fact that a few days ago I posted some ads on Craigslist for Interior Design services and for cupcakes.

Please do feel free to check out the ads, but I'll also summarize for you: For Interior Design I'm offering general ideas for redesigning your home or just one room in your home, as well as help with reorganizing. I offer space planning, furnishings selections, color schemes, and 3D renderings. I'm charging $75 per hour (although I can work around anyone's budget), and I offer a first time consultation in your home for a flat fee of $50. Whatever advice or ideas I give in that consultation are yours to have with no obligation to work with me further.

For cupcakes I'm offering my special gluten-free cupcakes for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, a wedding, a dinner party, or any kind of event. My flavors are limited because they're gluten free, but they taste just as delicious as a regular cupcake! (I always tell everyone they are gluten-free, but they're not sugar-free!) Prices are $30/dozen regular sized, $30/2 dozen minis.

If you know of anyone in Ventura County or LA county who is interested in either of my services please do pass the word along, or if you yourself are interested, don't hesitate to shoot me an email for any further details!


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Amanda, I think it's absolutely fabulous that you're taking on these new business ventures. Do you have an online website or portfolio to show people? I'd love a link to that so I can send it to people I know.

Amanda said...

I really do need to work on a website or something, but right now all I have is this blog to refer people to, especially if it's design related. I've posted a lot of things that would give people a good idea of what kind of style I have or like, but I don't have any experience on my own yet to show for.

As far as baking goes I'm hoping I can get that going just by word of mouth from the people who have tried my cupcakes.

Thanks so much for wanting to help, Brandi! You're such a giving person :-)

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