Thursday, February 16, 2012

Design Portfolio

After my last post I've been asked if I have any examples of my work, mostly for interior design. Obviously, when it comes to cupcakes, a taste test would make more sense :)

So here are some examples of work I've done in school and some in the time since. The two above are what I would consider 3D sketches. These next two are examples of 3D renderings (the first I did in school):

These next photos are of presentation boards I made for my thesis project, which was a boutique hotel I designed myself.

I'm working on putting together a project that includes a before and after floor plan, and a 3D sketch and an inspiration board for the redesign of the room. I think I might actually do my own bedroom or just pull something from a magazine, I'm not sure yet.

But, so far, this is the best I can show for my portfolio. Unfortunately, when I worked with actual designers who worked in residential, we didn't do this kind of hands on creative work. It was really mostly paper work and, for me, hounding people on the phone. I think that's the main reason I'd prefer to just help people on a smaller scale, and help them save some money because, let's face it interior designers are expensive!


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Amanda, this looks fantastic! You have such a great eye for interior design and a talent for really being able to communicate your vision. I hope you get some projects soon so we can see the final products!

Italian Home Design said...

Woah, you have the hands. You have this detail on Italian home design, which I believe anybody would love.

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