Monday, January 28, 2013

Jeremy Renner's latest house

If you're a fan of Jeremy Renner than you probably know when he isn't making movies, he flips houses with his best friend and business partner, Kristoffer Winters. But if you don't keep up with Jeremy like I do, well then, now you know. This latest house in Holmby Hills is somewhere around the 20 mark that the two have worked on in the last decade, and they design everything down to the furniture. Jeremy has said that he loves architecture, espcially in Hollywood and he hates seeing pieces of history get torn down. So he and Kristoffer scoop them up and give them a face lift.

That kitchen is truly impressive. And the master closet?! I'd like one of those please! Not bad for two actors, no? I'm pretty impressed.

(Photos via radaronline)

1 comment:

Daniela Bento said...

the kitchen and closet are my favorite parts too. And the massive windows all around the house.

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