Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl 47

It's finally Super Bowl XLVII! Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers. The Niners haven't been to a Super Bowl since the '94 season, but they are undefeated in their five previous Super Bowl visits. The Ravens have only been to one Super Bowl for the 2000 season and won 34-7 against the Giants.

It should be an epic game, one for the history books with the Harbarough brothers, the first brothers to coach against each other in a Super Bowl, on either sideline. I'm excited! And nervous (I want the 49ers to continue their undefeated Super Bowl streak)!

Will you be having a party? I'll just be enjoying good food and watching the game in my Steve Young jersey. Don't have to guess which side I'll be rooting for, huh? ;-)

Whether you'll be watching the game this weekend or just trying to get as far as possible from all the football hype, have a fantastic weekend!

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Julie / Bound said...

I made nachos and then talked to my friend the whole time while the guys watched the game. Oops! But we did tune in for Beyonce, of course!

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