Friday, January 24, 2014

Dream House: Libraries

Last year I started posting my favorite inspiration photos room by room for my dream house. I started with kitchens. Now here are some my favorite libraries (I have a ton more. This is clearly my favorite room in the house; and my house will definitely have a library. I already don't have enough shelf space for my books. I even have some stored in boxes under my bed.)

 photo modern-office-library-franois-catroux-paris-france-200511_1000-watermarked.jpg
 photo hollywood2.jpg

Sandra Nunnerley photo AD-0207-SandraNunnerley.jpg

Kelly Hoppen photo AD-0107-kelly_hoppenlibrary.jpg

Candy & Candy photo office-library-candyampcandy-monte-carlo-monaco-200911_1000.jpg

David Kaihoi photo library-dark-chandelier-0710-davidkaihoi-04-9gvONR-xl.jpg

Steven Gambrel photo hbx-andy-warhol-print-library-stevengambrel-0214-de.jpg

I love the built-in wood paneled book cases. I think the first and last photos are the most me, though. Those are the most gorgeous teal colors. I love the appeal of a small, cozy room with dark paneled walls, but the luxurious two-story libraries are just so amazing to look at. It would be like having a museum in your house.

It's always fun to show photos of houses I've had a hand in designing. The third photo down was one of my favorite houses (see more photos here). It's up in the Hollywood Hills with an infinity pool in the backyard, and sweeping views of LA. I just loved it up there. And that little library is perfectly cozy and decadent at the same time. The ceiling is pretty high, and the unusual windows accentuate that. The wallpaper was custom designed by Gracie Wallpaper. We gave them a concept and they just went with it. Turned out lovely, in my opinion.

Which library is your favorite? And what's your opinion on having a designated "library" in your house?


Reyna Meinhardt said...

Ahh that is so neat that you helped designing the third house! So beautiful!

Saw your comment over on Elephantine blog about ballet and clicked over :) Take an open ballet class!! I took one and the teacher encouraged me to join the academy and I haven't looked back since - 20 hours of ballet a week is the most amazing feeling ever!! <3 <3 Plus it will inspire a lot of blog posts ;)

Hena Tayeb said...

Gorgeous. It's because I want to one day have a library that I can't get on board with ebooks and digital readers..
Love the first one, the blue one and the one framing a doorway

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