Thursday, March 6, 2014

Music that moves us

There are some stories that stick with you, that live in your soul and change your world forever. Harry Potter is one of those for me. A big part of it is the music from the movies. Whenever I hear music from HP, I get a huge smile on my face and feel like I'm glowing from the inside. The Lord of the Rings soundtrack has the same effect. I literally cannot focus on anything else when I hear that music (and I can tell you what movie a specific song is from and what part of the movie. I'm crazy like that with soundtracks).

The same thing has happened to me with the Hunger Games. I really like the books, but the movies have had a profound effect on me. The sound of the mockingjay whistle specifically is like a magic button that immediately turns on the waterworks. The whole trailer for Catching Fire (which was an incredible movie, by the way) gives me the chills, it's just so good.

I doubt I'm alone in this. What movies and/or stories move you the most?


jenn from much to my delight said...

I have never seen or read any of these, and I feel like I am so out of touch with pop culture as a result! I think I need to get on the ball, especially considering how much everyone else raves about them.
As for me, in keeping with the fantastical element of the stories you mentioned, my favorites will always be Wizard of Oz and the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I could watch them a million times each (and have).

Amanda said...

Those movies definitely fit the bill in my mind of iconic music. I'm sure whenever you hear the theme to Charlie and the chocolate factory you can imagine parts of the movie! I would recommend Harry Potter, even if you just see the movies. So good!

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