Friday, July 8, 2016

Dream House: Kitchen Board

 photo Kitchen floor plan.jpg

I would say, out of most of the major rooms in a house, I probably spend the least amount of time in the kitchen. I'm not a terrible cook, but I don't particularly enjoy it. I love to bake, but when one is attempting to cut sugar out of their life, it doesn't make much sense to be baking things one can't eat.

I do know, however, that after living in apartments most of my life I've had my fill of white countertops. The top picture is basically my dream kitchen, just probably with grey cabinets, though I can't decide if I like the clean look of the cabinets in the top picture better than the more traditional look of the bottom picture. I figure it's a decision best left for when I have an actual kitchen to design. The easiest decision is the backsplash. Those Turkish ceramic tiles from Ann Sacks in the top picture really do take the cake.

 photo Kitchen board2.jpg

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Essie Reed said...

When you remodel a kitchen to one you love, you will be amazed at home much more time you spend in that room. I am not much of a cook either, but once we remodeled the kitchen, we found that when we had parties in the house, everyone would now seem to gather in the kitchen because it was so inviting.

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