Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dream House: Powder Bathroom Board

 photo FB- Floor Plan 3.30.16.jpg

I always start out with projects like these with every intention of posting monthly. Even the best of intentions cannot withstand the shitstorm that life sometimes churns out. As it was I didn't post my first dream house design board for the entry of the house until April (you can see it here, and since it's been a little while I thought I'd share the entire plan above again).

It wasn't long before I realized how much work I had cut out for me with just about every room in this house, and it was a great reminder as to why interior design is a full time job. Not that I need reminding. I do this for a living, but in a completely different field of design (commercial office spaces) and it's been a while since I had a hand in designing a home, even a pretend one. It was also a great reminder as to why I chose to go to college and get a degree and do this for a living and read design magazines like a fiend. This stuff is fun.

So this isn't the most traditional powder bathroom. It's technically just a guest bathroom, but I couldn't work an actual powder bathroom into the plan, so just go with it. I found the Ann Sacks Marrakech mosaic and was in love immediately. It would surround the shower and extend across the vanity wall. Feels like it would be a very moody bathroom.

 photo Powder bath layout.jpg

 photo Powder bath board.jpg

Sherwin Williams SW6510 Loyal Blue high gloss paint.
Restoration Hardware Classic wall mirror.

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